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149 Bathurst Street Apartments

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A High Rise Condo at Toronto

At the southeast intersection of Richmond Street West and Bathurst Street in Toronto’s Fashion District, BDP Quadrangle has developed a 12-story retail and office skyscraper for Allied Properties REIT. Allied Properties’ 149 Bathurst Street Apartments, presently under preconstruction, is a new apartment building at 149 Bathurst Street in Toronto. A completion date of 2021 has been set for the project. There are a total of 72 apartments at 149 Bathurst Street.

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Condos in Toronto’s Fashion District offer a lot of attraction to potential buyers. Some of the most talked-about restaurants, pubs, and galleries in the city are all within walking distance of this fashionable downtown area. It’s a highly sought-after neighborhood for young professionals, urban lovers, and people who want to live a high-energy downtown life.

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The Spadina streetcar, which operates 24 hours a day, passes directly in front of the entrance. The closest metro station is just a few short streets away from where you are staying. From St. Andrews Station, it’s just one stop to Union Station, which serves as a hub for the GO train and the Union Pearson Express, among other services.


The Financial District, as well as many other attractions such as schools, hospitals, and the Entertainment District, are all within walking distance. By public transportation, you can travel to both Ryerson University and The University of Toronto in a matter of minutes.

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In addition to its plethora of old factories and warehouses, the Fashion District also has a slew of converted buildings, many of which are now used as residential, restaurant, office, or gallery space. It’s a highly sought-after neighborhood for young professionals, urban lovers, and people who want to live a high-energy downtown life. Many of the city’s most popular restaurants, nightclubs, galleries, and entertainment venues are within walking distance of one another.

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From 12 stories high, the peaks will surround a central courtyard. In order to produce a topography of terraced apartments with an oblique perspective of the street, the building mass will be divided into a series of modules at an angle. Stepping back the thin peaks will let more sunshine into the courtyard and onto the street below. Four historic structures on the property would also be restored as part of the plan.

The first three floors will include 180,000 square feet of retail space, 60,000 square feet of office space, and 514 residential apartments, with the latter occupying the highest levels. The planned 21,000-square-foot inner courtyard is one of the most eagerly awaited elements of this building. New retail, workplace, and cultural options will be available in this vibrant and varied neighborhood.


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Allied Properties REIT is a well-known Toronto developer and property management company that specializes in creative commercial developments, often in restored heritage buildings.

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