66.9 Million Community Centre in Scarborough in Partnership with YMCA

      This past week, the province of Ontario announced the construction of the Bridletowne Neighbourhood Centre of Community The announcement included the projected funding of $26.7 million from the Government of Canada, $22.3 million from the province, $14.8 million from the YMCA of Greater Toronto and $3 million from United Way Greater Toronto for a total of over $66 million. On top of that, the City of Toronto will add $9.8 million for purchase of land, and capital funding for a childcare centre. This construction project will create an 82,440 square-foot building with around 68,652 square-feet for activities including a pool, fitness center, childcare area, community spaces,  and a wide-variety of programming spaces. The rest of the space will provide assistance to local community members in various ways.

     This investment into the neighbourhood is fantastic news for property owners in the area. The goal of this project is to bridge the gaps between the community by offering more readily available resources to everyone. These quality-of-life injections into neighbourhoods always creates more desirability to live in them. This large property is also expected to become a landmark for the area. This entire process also helps create more jobs from construction to the many workers that will be required to operate this facility. This investment will create more enticing properties for families as this becomes a fantastic area to raise children. Having a nearby community center with available resources from the day care to the many facilities is very handy. With many properties in the area, all of them are sure to gain value from this investment with this news catching the attention of many from neighbouring areas.  

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