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96 Ridout Condos

Preconstruction condo in London, ON

96 Ridout Street South, London, ON

96 Ridout Condos is a new condominium complex development located at 96 Ridout Street South, London, ON. Presently in the pre-construction stage, the property is being developed by Tricar Group. Let’s check out in detail what the property has to offer that makes it perfect for families and real estate investors. 



96 Ridout Condos

The 96 Ridout Condos’ hood is rich in every way that concerns residents. All of your daily household needs can be satisfied at the nearest shopping center. There are ample shops, stores, schools, eateries, and schools, to make sure you don’t have to compromise with anything.


For a 96 Ridout resident commute is no reason for worry as every mode of transport is easily accessible here. The bus transit service is perfectly capable of taking you across the city. The roads generally have a low traffic, so you can always be sure of being on time.


Huron University College

There are many acclaimed schools, colleges, and universities available around 96 Ridout. Reputable educational institutions including Huron University College, Middlesex College, Elborn College, and Brescia University College among many more are minutes away from the residence. You also have several schools around that promise quality education to your kids and high schoolers.


Springbank Park

There are dozens of places around that you can visit and have fun. Springbank Park, Eldon House, Idlewyld Mansion, and Horton Park South are steps away from the residence. Keep going for outings!


96 Ridout Condos

Based on recent projects carried out by Tricar Group, the property is expected to feature facilities that will be simply awesome. The amenities will most likely be aimed at making the life of residents easier and more joyous.


Tricar logo

Tricar Group has over 30-year experience in developing and managing high-rise apartment rentals and condominiums. They have created luxury that’s effortlessly liveable in prime locations for their builds, bordered by in-demand amenities. The Group was honoured to be a three-time award winner of the Ontario High-Rise Builder of the Year as recognized by the Tarion Warranty Corporation’s Awards of Excellence.

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96 Ridout Condos

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