LJM Development

LJM Developments have been developing properties since 2001. With primary focuses on luxury condo communities, commercial centers and office spaces built all across the GTA. They have been recognized for their premier architectural vision, each development being uniquely designed. Always using the best materials and craftsmanship. 

Striving to foster communities in all their builds, and aiming to be the leading real-estate developer in North America. They create positive impact with all their developments. LJM Developments have been achieving high returns in terms of value due to their diverse portfolio of properties and making global investments. Their investment portfolio is comprised of global equity and currency investments.  

Recent projects

LJM Tower

LJM Tower is a new condo development by the LJM Developments that is set to be complete in 2022. This development is a new luxury condominium in a modern and urban community located in Hamilton. The tower is built on the principles of location, luxury and value. Enjoy being located near some of the best transit options, shopping areas, schools and green spaces that Hamilton has to offer.

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