ActiveTO makes its return, is it time to Reconsider Lakeshore Properties?

     With the stay at home orders placed last year many citizens of Toronto had troubles finding ways of keeping active and enjoying nature. To combat this, last year the city of Toronto launched the ActiveTO program, that would shut down major roads like Lakeshore West and Yonge St from Dundas St to Queens Quay, during the weekends for people to bike, jog or any type of mobile physical activity of that nature. This year would see a return of the program but without the beloved Lakeshore West resulting in a very crowded Martin Goodman trail, the areas most popular trail. The reason given was due to roadwork in nearby streets that would result in major traffic congestion. The Lakeshore closure would attract nearly 18,000 cyclists each weekend with a very large spike in Toronto Bikeshare Use, . With its occlusion, many citizens have demanded for its return. In a recent meeting, a motion was approved to find ways for partial or full closures during select weekends. It may not be like the 25 weeks from May to October like the previous year but still shows glimmers of hope for cyclists of lakeshore.

With the many condos surrounding Lakeshore, current or potential owners may rejoice or be furious with this news. Cyclists loved this closure having local roads all to themselves, feeling safe from collisions from motor vehicles. On the other hand, this move can be very irritating for motorists. Major traffic congestion can occur during some periods and it must be frustrating too see road closures with no one using the road during rainy days. If you’re looking into a property in this area, this might help in your decision of sealing the deal. Are you a motorist that works during weekends? It may seem small but over time you’ll feel your quality of life impacted compared to a property in a different area without these closures. If you love cycling, there’s great enjoyment to be had biking on a road originally meant for cars; and all the space it has compared to your average park trail. As ActiveTO originally started as a measure against COVID-19, continuing this year shows signs that this may become a permeant edition to Toronto.

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