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Ambiece Design Group

Our business was born out of the love of art and design. Josie Abate, Founder of Ambience Design Group, was inspired at a young age by her father, Antonio Guglielmino, a talented artist and glass sculptor in Italy, then Malta and finally Canada. By watching him, she honed her own artistic gift and pursued her dreams. While raising a young family she developed her interior design business beginning in 1987.

With much dedication and perseverance the company has grown into an established, multidisciplinary design firm, continuing to work on many exciting projects along the way. With the addition of her daughter, Sara Abate Rezvanifar in 2012, Ambience Interiors evolved into Ambience Design Group, which now incorporates branding design to enhance their creative service offering. This welcome addition has provided our clients with collaborative and comprehensive design solutions. Ambience Living Spaces is their proprietary design process that uniquely incorporates sustainability, wellness + accessibility into living and work spaces.