A high-rise condo at Toronto

Edgewater Drive, Toronto, ON

Aquabella is a newly developed condo located at Edgewater Drive, Toronto. The condo has been developed by Tridel in collaboration with Hines. The construction reached its end in 2021.

The boutique condo has got a total of 174 units fitted into 12 stories. The unit size ranges from 1661 to 4061 SqFt. The designer of the project, Denmarks’s 3XN has been one of the world’s most reputed architects. No matter how many times you see, Aquabella always strikes as an example of architecture unlike any other.



Bayside Toronto is one of the most desirable hoods in the city. It’s so simply because it has got all that communities require. Rich and lit-up, Aquabella’s hood is surrounded by a variety of shops, schools, hospitals, and office spaces. Entertainment spots and parks are at your doorsteps. What is more, the community is very amiable so you can be sure of getting some new friends to join you for drinks.


Being at the intersection of Queen Quay and Merchant’s Wharf, Aquabella boasts a great transit system. Bike Share Station is right around the corner. In case, you are an eco-friendly owner of an electric car, you have got an EV charging station just a few minutes away. The nearest subway, Union Station is just a 9-minute drive from the condo. The cherry on the top, Gardiner Expressway, one of the main roads connecting east to west, just steps away.


In case you are a student or have a student in your family, Aquabella may be the best place for you to be. Reputed institutions including George Brown College, Greyscale College Toronto, Victoria College, and Emmanuel College are at a stone’s throw from the condo. Similarly, you get a bunch of options in terms of schools for your little ones.


Looking for places to hang out? Well, you will find many around Aquabella. From parks, theaters, shopping complexes, to stadiums, the Bayside Toronto possesses it all to satisfy your outdoorsy craving.


With Aquabella, you get a stock of the best communal and private amenities. Have a whale of a time with your family and friends on the rooftop terrace. Take a dip in the pool to unwind. Enjoy the sauna, or simply go to the private movie theater to watch what you love. You can avail of 24/7 concierge service to keep your daily household stress at the bay.


Hines logo

Tridel is one of Canada’s leading developers having experience for over 85 years and building 85,000 homes. Tridel focuses on providing top-notch customer service while building innovative and sustainable homes.


Hines is a real estate investment, development and management company with global reach, with a presence in 240 cities in 27 countries. Founded in 1957, they have redeveloped over 1,400 properties, including the award-winning series known as the Bayside community here in Toronto.

21 Park Street East

Very Walkable

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