3XN is a Danish architecture firm headquartered in Copenhagen that specializes in architecture, design, sustainability, circular economy, research, behaviour, innovation, aesthetics, technology, Scandinavian roots, humanistic values, circular design, digital design, environment, functional space, sustainable materials, Danish design, and interior design. Kim Herforth Nielsen, Lars Frank Nielsen and Hans Peter Svendler Nielsen founded Nielsen, Nielsen & Nielsen (later 3 X Nielsen) in Rhus in 1986. The latter left the company, which is now run by a three-person partnership, with Kim Herforth Nielsen as Principal Architect. 3XN believes that buildings are more than their elements and strives to achieve a synthesis of design, function, and context. Their structures are tailored to each project, but they constantly strive to mix beauty and significance by putting people at the heart of design. Light and linked building design guarantee clarity and well-being for its users. Their work is based on continual research into how buildings reflect and influence human behaviour and the environment, allowing them to promote new solutions to current concerns. Through attractive and practical environments, they are continuously striving to improve a feeling of community, identity, and relationship with others.


They rely on research to push the boundaries of aesthetics and utility in their designs. Each project builds on past work, allowing them to continually improve and develop their knowledge. They utilize what they learn from project to project in unique ways to offer enduring value to their profession and architecture. Today, their team consists of seasoned project architects and outstanding young design architects from over 20 different countries. They work on a worldwide scale yet are proud of their Scandinavian background and humanistic principles. This enables them to re-invent tradition while being aware of some of the most intriguing and serious concerns of the twenty-first century. Source: 3XN

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