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ACDF builds awe-inspiring places in which North American realism meets European flamboyance by combining its creative vigor and extensive knowledge. Each design is a thoughtful reaction to the project’s goals and limits, maximizing the potential of the site and its surroundings. ACDF employs a clear and assertive style to emphasize the project’s primary design elements via precise details and materials.


The company’s reputation in Quebec, Canada, and throughout the globe was created by its tremendous accomplishments. The 86-person team’s adaptable structure allows them to undertake residential, commercial, and institutional projects of various sizes. This collaborative structure allows all members of the organization to continuously reinvent themselves via design, research, and experimentation. The unique work of the company has been recognized on several occasions. ACDF earned the Governor General’s Medal in Architecture in 2010, and one of the firm’s co-founders, Maxime-Alexis Frappier, got the Young Architect Award from the Royal Architecture Institute of Canada in 2013. Source: ACDF

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One Bear Mountain