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architectsAlliance is an architectural design practice situated in Toronto, Canada, a city they love and have helped shape over the last 20 years. It was founded in 1999 by architect Peter Clewes from the union of Wallman Clewes Bergman (headed by Rudy Wallman, Peter Clewes, and Ralph Bergman) and Van Nostrand DiCastri Architects. architectsAlliance believes that good design should benefit the entire structure. Their architects, designers, and engineers support a purposefully broad scope of practice that includes both individual dwellings and institutional structures; large-scale mixed-use complexes; and new urban districts. Their clients are diversified, including governmental and international agencies, academic and institutional clients, and private sector clients from Canada, the United States, Western Europe, and the Middle East.


Furthermore, they are deeply engaged in the city’s project, exploring subtle strategies of defining and redefining it; articulating and furthering its growth via meaningful solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s urban challenges, big and small. They investigate architecture in a novel way, asking how they might take a simple geometric shape and give it a sense of material presence that is distinct to its site. They do study, experiment, and explore novel approaches to handle the building’s relationship to the street and public area. They discover personality in shape and materials. Their work seeks to strengthen the connection between people and place by focusing on context and community, usage and user. However, whether it be a school, a museum, an office or residential tower, or even a whole neighbourhood, they begin from the bottom up and are anchored by a dedication to meaningful and sustainable urbanism. This company has also won several awards. In 2005, the firm won the Regent Park housing competition sponsored by the Toronto Neighborhood Housing Corporation, which entailed the renovation of a 69-acre social housing neighbourhood east of downtown Toronto. Source: architectsAlliance

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