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Architecture Unfolded aims to provide you with a structure that benefits its end-users and favorably impacts the environment. Due to their company’s concentration on environmentally sensitive designs, you can count on a building that starts with the unique characteristics of the site to meet your needs.


As a consequence of their firm’s strong foundation in conventional construction forms and their commitment to responding to advances that affect their clients’ business processes, your building will be both practical and innovative. You can rely that their work will be tailored to your needs as a client, integrating the best of traditional and contemporary methods. Team Unfolded has more than four decades of design and construction experience, making them the ideal team to oversee your project. This ensures that we will oversee and execute the timely and cost-effective completion of crucial commercial and residential projects. Their core personnel is well-equipped to meet your needs for both large, complex projects and small, infill constructions. Source: Architecture Unfolded

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