Coolearth Architecture Inc.

Coolearth Architecture Inc.

Coolearth Architectural Inc., founded in 2008, is a Toronto-based sustainable architecture practice with offices in Parry Sound, Ontario. Passive House and Net-Zero Homes, Institutional & Commercial Buildings such as Hospices or Childcare Centers, Building Energy Analysis and Policy Work, Acting as an Expert Witness, and Permaculture Design are among the services they provide. Their considerable residential expertise in Ontario, from design to construction, means they understand the key factors that contribute to a building’s sustainability, durability, and comfort.


Coolearth Architecture, Inc. values collaborative design. They think that environmental sustainability begins with early integrated cooperation between the client and the design team. This collaborative approach is the most effective method for identifying sustainability goals and possibilities throughout the design process. Coolearth also knows sustainable building design and energy management. They develop energy models that depict energy usage, thermal bridges, heat transmission, and other data using Passive House or eQuest. Source: Coolearth Architecture Inc.

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Rossmont Green

812 Rossland Road East, Whitby, ON