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CORE Architects is a Toronto-based award-winning architectural business. Their team consists of architects, interior designers, technologists, and LEED and BIM experts. Master planning, residential, retail, interior design, commercial offices, entertainment, and leisure are among their areas of expertise. They have distinguished themselves among their competition over the past twenty-eight years, not only through their unique designs, but also through the relationships they have created. CORE has designed over 160 multi-family structures, ranging from 60-story towers to boutique infill projects of barely 8 stories. These projects have included residential townhouses, low, mid, and high-rise buildings, as well as many expansions and modifications to existing structures.


Their design process takes the transition from new to existing conditions into account. Building massing, density, existing typologies, traffic, and parking are all taken into account, as are innovative design methods that adhere to municipal guidelines and community demands. They also use sustainable strategies in their designs to reduce the environmental impact of their buildings, such as material selection, energy efficiency, and LEED® design. As a result, their designs match existing typologies while being exceptionally sensitive to the neighborhood’s culture, dynamic, and aesthetic, making these developments commercially and socially successful. Source: CORE Architects

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