The design firm DIALOG consists of architects, urban planners, interior designers, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers, landscape architects, and sustainability consultants. The various views and skills of their multidisciplinary teams, they feel, allow us to address contemporary issues in ways that others cannot.


They think that great design has the power to transform the world, and they are pleased to continue enhancing the well-being of communities. To illustrate the connection between design and well-being, they collaborated with The Conference Board of Canada to gather research-based proof. Community Wellbeing: A Framework for the Design Professions, a collaborative study project from DIALOG and The Conference Board of Canada, and the Community Wellbeing Framework report were made available to the public in July 2018. To them, design excellence is the creation of spaces that have a good effect on both the end-user and the environment. When they do their duties well, they are able to create a feeling of place that operates naturally and removes obstacles. It involves questioning the current quo, striving for continual progress, and being insatiably inquisitive. Source: DIALOG

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Concord Park Place Block 7

Central Condos

Vendome Condos

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