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Norman Foster started Foster + Partners in 1967 as a worldwide practice for sustainable architecture, urbanism, engineering, and design. With offices throughout the globe, the practice operates as a single, racially and culturally diverse institution, with people at the center of all our endeavors. This page provides information about our Practice Structure, Diversity & Inclusion approach, CSER Commitment and Sustainability Manifesto, Integrated Design, and Specialist teams. The partners, who are all stockholders, are the practice’s core. They are essential to our ongoing progress and are responsible for all of our six architectural studios’ joint projects. Maintaining the practice’s design spirit, the Design Board assesses each project at its various phases. The Operation Board, which is comprised of the larger group of senior partners and partners, is responsible for the day-to-day management of the practice. The Partnership Board then controls the practice’s strategic direction. Source: Foster + Partners

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50 Scollard Condos