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Gabriel Bodor Architect, Inc. is an architectural practice that was founded in 1986 with the purpose of providing the public with practical and constructible housing shapes. Dedicated to providing customers with the most return on their investments and personalized architectural services. A small company that creates master plans, feasibility studies, conceptual plans, design, construction drawings, and construction overviews.


They take pleasure in always being reachable and responsible and participating in every project with the same passion as if it were their first. Gabriel Bodor Architect has had the luxury and honor of completing more than 550 projects in over 25 years of service to their clients. Gabriel Bodor Architect’s projects include single-family homes, subdivisions, townhomes, midrise to highrise apartment complexes, industrial, retail, office, and mixed-use residential structures. Source: Gabriel Bodor Architect

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Guildwood Condominiums

The Tower at King West