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Randy Guthrie and Arthur Muscovitch established the Toronto-based architecture company Guthrie Muscovitch Architects in 1988. GMA has been at the forefront of home design in Ontario since its establishment. They have worked on sites as small as single-family lots, as big as metropolitan neighborhoods, and as diverse as large-scale condos, senior living communities, resorts, and new subdivisions. Their knowledge and track record have helped them realize over 10,000 units of homes for their clientele. GMA is comprised of an enthusiastic and capable team of architects, graduate architects, and interns. Their diverse backgrounds include credentials in both architecture and planning, enabling us to combine urban planning, urban design, and architecture in order to give their customers greater prospects to fulfill the full potential of their projects. Their variety has helped GMA create a unique style that has been recognized by multiple awards for excellent urban planning and architecture in housing developments around the Greater Toronto Area and southern Ontario.


Their design philosophy derives from who they are and how they approach tasks. Everyone, including the partners, is hands-on and devoted to the concept that excellent design must be both inventive and implementable. As part of their design philosophy, they are highly devoted to respecting the communities and ecosystems in which they operate. They are attentive to history and demography regardless of whether they are creating a new town or analyzing the viability of redeveloping a vacant urban industrial site. Their designs combine the most advanced energy-saving components and building materials sourced from renewable resources. In the end, their goal is simple: to make the best living environments for people of all ages and backgrounds. Source: Guthrie Muscovitch Architects

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