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Guthrie Muscovitch Architects is a Toronto-based design firm founded in 1988 by partners Randy Guthrie and Arthur Muscovitch. Since its inception, GMA has been at the forefront of residential design in Ontario. They have worked on sites as small as single-family plots, as large as urban residential areas, and as diverse as large-scale condominiums, senior housing, resorts and development zones. new development. Their experience and track record has benefited their clients in completing over 10,000 housing units.


GMA is home to a dynamic and resourceful team of architects, graduate architects and interns. Their background is diverse and includes degrees in architecture and planning that allow them to integrate urban planning, urban design and architecture to provide clients with exceptional opportunities. to realize the full potential of their projects. Their diversity has helped GMA achieve a unique creativity that has been recognized with numerous awards for outstanding architectural and urban design in residential projects in the GTA and Southern Ontario. Source: Guthrie Muscovitch Architects

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