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Since its inception in 1981 as Kirshenblatt Korman Architects, KIRKOR ARCHITECTS AND PLANNERS in Toronto and Calgary has expanded to 150 architectural and design experts. KIRKOR grew from its roots in community-based housing and the early days of condominium development in Toronto to become one of Canada’s preeminent development architecture firms with world-class expertise in various residential typologies, such as large-site development and master-planning, development and planning negotiations, tall-building and mid-rise architecture, with a dedicated focus on complex mixed-use, residential primary building programs.


In the previous five years, KIRKOR has successfully completed over $2 billion in development construction while providing full-service architectural and master planning. We are often the lead architect of record in several collaborative ventures with local and international architectural design companies. Regarding the scale of our initiatives, we acknowledge that we play a distinctive and distinct role in the development of our communities. To be good at what we do, we use a design language that takes into account different cultures and ages, promotes responsible sustainability and health, creates the built-environment framework to allow for rich, cohesive experiences and uses, and is affordable for both our clients and the people who will be using the space. Source: Kirkor Architects and Planners

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