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KPF is an united architectural firm that focuses on the design of structures of all sizes and kinds in all geographic locations. Their projects include the world’s highest structures, largest spans, most diverse programs, and most innovative shapes. Finding the most intelligent answer for each project is the objective that unites their work and drives their efforts. They think that the finest design is the result of a search without preconceived notions or aesthetic formulas. Their structures provide contributions to the built environment beyond their physical footprint.


The goals that inform their design include maximizing programmatic functions, improving the urban context, supporting sustainable environments, furthering the commercial success of development initiatives, and constructing attractive structures that reflect and inspire the communities they serve. They collaborate closely with their customers to balance these dynamics and use the advantages of interdisciplinary thinking. In order to achieve these objectives, the company is structured as a collection of varied talents working in collaboration. When people collaborate and challenge one another to discover new ways and seek for new expressions, they produce their most innovative creations. Each project is required to develop the profession as a whole while adhering to very specific individual constraints. In their studios, enthusiastic young architects work alongside the most seasoned hands, combining expertise and new ideas. Source: Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates

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