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NEUF architect(e)s, founded in 1971 as Desmarais Tornay, is one of the biggest architectural and design firms in Canada. Built on connections that value the success of its customers and 200 workers, the company is delighted to have amassed more than 7,500 projects. In addition to applying its skills on four continents, NEUF has left its stamp on landmark projects in contemporary Quebec throughout the course of the previous half-century.


Currently, technology is influencing NEUF’s preferred ways and way of life. Each project is fueled by the newest advancements, including virtual reality expertise, 3D printing, and the accurate BIM modeling procedure. The human element is central to all of our endeavors. In its infancy, NEUF established its basis on client relationships and cooperation, two characteristics that are now profoundly ingrained in its DNA. NEUF is a center of innovation and learning that embraces the next generation of architects since it has access to some of the industry’s top talents. Source: NEUF architect(e)s

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Le Sherbrooke