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PARTISANS is a Toronto-based award-winning architectural firm that specializes in the integration of design and technology, innovation and programming, culture, and creative services. They are a diverse collection of architects, researchers, storytellers, entrepreneurs, builders, and cultural enthusiasts that have a similar goal: clever, high-performance design that aspires to make the impossible possible. Architecture is more than just building a building; it is a way of seeing, thinking, and producing that broadens and, in some instances, revolutionizes people’s view of the world. To that end, in their research-focused studio, they overlap disciplinary perspectives and develop significant insights, allowing them to condense a client’s aspirations and transform them into a responsive architectural narrative that links vision with values to improve performance, pro forma, and place creation.


They seek to create better cities by pushing ideas, culture, forms, materials, and typologies to their limits. Every project is designed to enhance performance and pleasure, with the purpose of confounding assumptions and delivering meaningful manufactured experiences. PARTISANS is a collaborative endeavor. Source: Partisans

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17 Elm Street Condos