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PG Design Studio specializes in project delivery via a collaborative Integrated Project Delivery strategy. PG Design Studio is a client-focused architectural practice that provides a comprehensive range of architectural services with great quality on time and within budget. We provide a broad variety of services to our customers, including feasibility studies, site planning, architectural design, interior design, project management, contract administration, graphics and visualization.


They take delight in collaborating with customers, developers, stakeholders, builders, sub-trades, procurement experts, and project consultants at all phases of the project to produce well-coordinated, efficient building designs to their clients. They try to create excellent project concepts, new ideas, and strategies that are tailored to each location, client, and program’s individual needs. The resultant designs are well placed within their environments, addressing human, urban, geographical, environmental, functional, and practical concerns while using a distinct architectural style. Many award-winning projects have been built using the PG Design Studio technique.

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