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TAES Architects Inc. was founded in 2011. It is a quickly rising architectural firm situated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Their architects and designers have a diverse range of international experience, having studied and worked in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia, respectively. Using their different experiences, ideas, and cultures, we create unique designs that are both functional and distinctive for each of their projects. They approach their work with a personal touch, employing their extensive knowledge and enthusiasm to bring an idea to life.


At TAES Architects, they believe in working together with clients to create unique architectural contexts on a range of scales, from custom homes to large commercial complexes. They are committed to design excellence in all of their projects, taking into account not just the structure’s beauty but also the space’s usability, practicality, and sustainability for its residents. Additionally, they are devoted to delivering a pleasant customer experience, realizing their customers’ objectives and adhering to their budget and timeline constraints, exceeding their expectations. Source: TAES Architects

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