Teeple Architects Inc.

Teeple Architects Inc.

Teeple Architects Inc. is a Toronto-based architecture company formed in 1989 by Stephen Teeple. Teeple Architects Inc. has created a reputation for innovative design, technical quality, and great service over the last 30 years, since its inception in 1989, via a diverse variety of celebrated public and private sector projects throughout Canada. Teeple Architects Inc. is known for delivering technically sophisticated projects of excellent quality that are theoretically and practically based on the unique demands and objectives of each client. They are devoted to reacting creatively and effectively to each program, venue, context, and budget. They are motivated to create creative and acceptable solutions for each new project.


Over the last 30 years, Teeple Architects Inc. has built a reputation for innovative design, technical competence, and great service via a diverse variety of recognized public and private sector projects. Today, this award-winning architectural practice employs more than 30 full-time people. They are a diverse, devoted, skilled, and experienced team managed by Founding Principal Stephen Teeple and comprised of five principal architects, intern architects, LEED® Accredited Professionals, CAD Technologists, and three associates, as well as skilled and talented support staff. Source: Teeple Architects Inc.

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