Thomas Payne Architect

Thomas Payne Architect

Thomas Payne Architect is a full-service architectural studio located in the Queen West area of downtown Toronto. The studio was launched and founded by Thomas Payne in 2013 after his successful leadership at KPMB for over 25 years, with a dedication to a search for truth in architecture and a broad array of related artistic endeavors. He is driven by a desire to work on distinctive projects for challenging clients and businesses. The firm’s core value is that architecture is a collaborative art form. They foster an amplification of creative thinking and action by listening and working together as a team. The company seeks to design architecture that is not only resilient, functional, and aesthetically pleasing, but also adaptive, contemporary, and forward-looking. They think that their structures will provide enormous economic, aesthetic, and social value to their clients in the short and long term.


The firm is involved in architecture, art projects, and agricultural research at the same time, presenting clients with the results of cross-pollination in thinking and action. They feel that blending vision and responsibility is the key to success. They conclude that great design necessitates not only good thinking and experience, but also the unexpected surprises of playful dreams and creative hunches. Being able to balance work and play while being present will allow the creative ideas to flow. Simultaneously, as environmental stewards on a finite planet, they always aim to do a lot with a little. They are noted for being willing to communicate and listen to their clients’ architectural and landscaping dreams.

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