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VA3 Design is a professional home design business founded in January 2013 after Ken Viljoen’s retirement as president of Viljoen Architect. VA3 wishes to maintain the good business practices established by Viljoen Architect since 1973. The owners of the company, Richard Vink, Wellington Jno-Baptiste, and Grace Loe, have been in the housing market for more than 20 years. VA3 Design is a low-rise residential design firm that specializes in infill housing, community planning, and bespoke residences. They, like Viljoen Architect, want to be leaders in the Ontario housing market and to create award-winning projects across the Greater Toronto Area.


Their company’s attitude and emphasis is “beautiful design with excellent service.” They are motivated to produce superior design and service in order to meet their customers’ goals and deadlines. Their company is known for its high-quality designs, accurate construction drawings, and skilled team of more than 20 trained professionals who can meet their customers’ needs. Source: VA3 Design

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