ZAP Architects

ZAP Architects

ZAP is dedicated to creating, innovating, dreaming, and delivering. ZAP is proud of the “added value” they deliver to every project. ZAP is a specialist in obtaining planning approval for big projects on challenging locations. ZAP is an expert on interim uses for vacant land, including pop-up businesses, bars, theaters, al fresco eating, and community facilities. ZAP has vast expertise in home design, event design, business design, and landscape design.


Together with their clients, their creative team of generalists creates relevant and genuine settings. Their clientele come from all industries, ranging from family-run companies to multinational corporations and everything in between. It keeps people motivated and their job engaging. They are little yet powerful. From the largest concepts to the smallest details, they are a multifunctional agency without the difficulties of large agency work. It works because they are agile, small enough to maintain a personal touch yet large enough to undertake large-scale campaigns and projects. They like to keep their studio grounded and pleasant, to embrace cooperation, and to maintain long-lasting connections with their business partners. Source: ZAP Architects

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