ZO1 Architects

ZO1 Architects

ZO1 is a dedicated group of architects with considerable design and development expertise in Ontario. Bonnie Chan and Derek Leung founded this progressive architecture firm in 2020 to design ethical, ecological, and economically viable communities through creative design solutions. They believe in buildable architecture and placemaking that prioritizes end-user experience. They are a major proponent of constructing sustainable communities with construction standards that provide positive environmental values, as seen by their portfolio of work that has received LEED and the Toronto Green Standards. They also value all opportunities for growth, whether large-scale intensified mixed-use development or a small dwelling. Bonnie and Derek, as well as their senior staff, have extensive knowledge and experience in multi-use residential projects such as condos, rentals, luxury offices, retail, and hotel development, as well as master planning for new communities.


Their expertise is in moving a project from a hand sketch to a completed architectural plan. The excitement frequently stems from identifying the hidden development prospects unique to each site as well as physically achieving each client’s vision with aesthetics and urban built forms that are custom-tailored to their identity and suit the personalities of their current area. They are firm believers in the power of collaboration: that each participant in the development process has something unique to give, and that each stakeholder, client, city official, and consultant participating is a winner on each journey. Bonnie and Derek’s work has received BILD, OHBA, and Woodworks honours, as well as the 2019 Queen’s Award.

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The Markdale 2