Avalon Aquaview

A townhouse at Ottawa

Lakepointe Drive & Aquaview Drive, Ottawa, ON

The Minto Group prides itself on building excellent buildings while also creating wonderful communities. Avalon Aquaview envelops the developer’s core values. The building is structurally strong and appealing to the eye because it is made with the best and reliable materials. While the architectural structure is attractive to look at, it doesn’t stick out as if it’s out of place from its surroundings. It meshes well with the Canadian landscape.

Avalon Aquaview is the total representation of how an architectural design fits perfectly with its surroundings. It’s located close to the breathtaking green spaces and soothing waterscapes of the Aquaview Park. Also, it happens to be in an urban area that is relatively calm and tranquil. That is a rarity to find and so is this lovely building. Avalon Aquaview is the ideal home to live in peace and appreciate nature while having an urban lifestyle just a few steps away.



Avalon Aquaview is located at Lakepointe Drive & Aquaview Drive, in the Cumberland neighbourhood in Ottawa. It’s a warm and friendly environment that is safe and secure. There’s so much to do and plenty to see. Residents can try out highly rated restaurants such as Persis Grill and St. Louis Bar & Grill. Shoppers can visit the many high-end boutiques as well as the highly praised SmartCentres Orléans shopping mall. It’s an area that has a lot to offer and it doesn’t have the crowded energy and stuffiness of a downtown area. It’s the perfect place to relax and be entertained. 


The development has a good public transportation network. Residents are fortunate to be located to several bus stations that are at a very short walking distance. Of course, drivers have access to the 417 & 174 highways which will help them reach their desired destination. 


Another reason this area is so attractive, especially to families and students, is the many schools in the area. The townhouse is located at nearby many public schools and private schools such as St. Dominic School, Summerside Public School, and Avalon Public School.


In addition, for families who love outdoor activities, the town is nearby an abundance of beautiful parks and recreation facilities such as Aquaview Park, Vista Park and Lakeridge Park. All of which have gorgeous green spaces and playgrounds for children and the young at heart. 


Avalon Aquaview will be 2-storeys tall with mixed units. Units will be a mix of two-bedroom, three-bedroom and four-bedroom layout. Units will range from about 1,268 square feet to about 2,084 square feet.

Residents will also have access to high-end amenities that reflect the house’s style and nature. They will include all urban amenities such as shops for clothing, appliances or otherwise. And also, residents will have the fortune of experiencing natural attractions such as the parks and related natural landscapes. 


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The Minto Group has been developing homes all across the USA and Canada. 60,000 homes have been built by Minto between the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa and Calgary. Having built over 85,000 homes, they are incredibly knowledgeable in this industry.


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Avalon Aquaview

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