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Axiom Condos Phase 2

A high-rise condo at Toronto

Axiom Condos Phase 2 reimagined one of Toronto‘s most vibrant neighborhoods, specifically Adelaide Street East and Princess Street, in Downtown Toronto. Greenpark Group, Ontario’s premier house and condominium developer, is also collaborating with Kirkor Architect + Planners on this project. AXIOM combines a smart mix of intelligently built apartments, a comprehensive range of hotel-inspired facilities, and handy street-level shops for an unrivaled living and investment opportunity.

The building features an outdoor patio, a party room, a fitness studio, and a rooftop deck, as well as a commitment to being ecologically responsible, making it a one-of-a-kind location for residents to live.



Greenpark Groups‘ Axiom Condos 2 is a new condo building located at Sherbourne St & Adelaide St in Toronto. It is authentic downtown living. It is a rare find to find a location where diversity, excitement, and opportunity coexist in an active and developing metropolitan context. AXIOM was inspired by the renown and distinct character of these outstanding condominiums.

Axiom’s bold, yet beautiful architecture by Kirkor Architects creates a confident statement of purpose, complemented by a Landscaped Promenade that adds to the neighborhood’s pedestrian-friendly character.

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The development has a fair transportation network. The neighbourhood has a walkability score of 98 and a transit score of 100 due to the Yonge subway line as well as the King and Queen St. Streetcars. The Axiom condominiums are an excellent choice for individuals who prefer cycling to walking or riding because the bike score is 85. There is, in fact, a bike lane on Sherbourne.

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Another reason this region is appealing, particularly to families and children, is the abundance of schools in the neighborhood. Many public and private institutions, like Keystone International Schools and Nelson Mandela Park Public School, are conveniently located nearby. George Brown College is also within walking distance.

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Furthermore, for families who enjoy outdoor activities, the town is close to a number of magnificent parks and leisure facilities, including Berczy Park, Moss Park, and St. James Park. You and your family may also go to The Opera House and Meridian Hall, both of which are major performing arts venues in Toronto.

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Greenpark’s Axiom Condos Phase 2 is a new condo building under development at 424 Adelaide Street East in Toronto. Axiom Condos Phase 2 offers 232 apartments ranging in size from 441 to 944 square feet.

These condominiums will offer everything one might want, including a wide range of hotel-inspired facilities and handy retail shops on the first floor. They are thus an excellent choice for anybody looking for luxury and unrivaled living space, as well as a wonderful financial opportunity. On the bottom floor, in addition to parking garages, there will be a sports lounge, a theater room, and a wi-fi lounge. There will also be a pet grooming room. 

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On the second level, there is a large outside terrace with a beautiful water feature, a fire pit, and numerous sitting places. There will also be a workout studio, sauna, and yoga room. The Sky Deck, located on the roof, will be ideal for outdoor eating, sunbathing, and simply resting after a long day at work. The Axiom Condos are certainly a one-of-a-kind solution for individuals seeking a luxury and stress-free living.


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Greenpark Group has been successfully developing real estate properties since 1967. They are a diverse group of professionals, having built townhomes, single-family homes and high-rise condominium buildings. The culmination of their experience and expertise has led them to become one of Canada’s largest home builders, with over 55,000 homes in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Axiom Condos Phase 2

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