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Batay-Csorba Architecture

Batay-Csorba Architects (BCA) is an architecture and interior design studio that combines research and practice to create progressive projects across all scales. What our projects (and clients) have in common is a desire to create something extraordinary. Whether a home, retail store, ballet school, museum or a skyscraper, our projects all start with a critical eye, a question of “what if” and a curiosity to explore. Our projects are never alike, being less about formulaic style and more about restless innovation, boundary pushing and delight. 

At BCA, we are committed to architecture as a place where ideas find expression. Our work evolves through exploration; distilling context, client aspirations, historical reference, typology, and materiality into a project concept that conveys a clear project vision and tells a story about our clients. This concept unifies the project and informs decisions at every scale of the project, from the architecture, to the interiors, furniture, landscape, infrastructural systems, signage, and branding. 

Recent projects

High Park Residence
The design of the Pacific project is born from the homeowners’ values and traditions where the comforts of their past are now viscerally felt within their present day lives. The vault, in its many permutations, is one of the most common archetypes of ancient Roman architecture, characterized by its powerful modulation of light and its sense of lightness. In adopting this typology into a domestic space, we evolved the vault from its primary form, puncturing, cutting and peeling it into new geometries that help to distribute light and air into key locations, respond to program organization, demarcating each with a different atmosphere, and create a sectional continuity throughout the house. In carrying sacred content from the homeowner’s past into the present they are transported into another time and place, full of stories, meaning and memories that becomes their refuge.

Batay-Csorba Architecture
The idea that everything surrounding the offering—from presentation to hospitality—is as important as the product has helped shape the concept of Milky’s. The project emerged from a reimagining of the concept of the cafe which has fallen stagnant since the popularization of cafe culture, in order to create a reinvigorated expression of this ubiquitous space. This drive of recombining conventional elements to stimulate new experience begins with the wrapping of the interior with a modular flooring system typically reserved for the highly formal and repetitive patterns derived from traditional inlay decoration. In Milky’s the modular logic of this system is instead used as a framework for disrupting such static patterning, with interlocking pieces of light and dark wood producing a high-contrast tessellation which expands and contracts, shifts and realigns in a series of strata, enveloping the customer in a sort of “caffeinated” space. All other elements within the space become camouflaged within this graphic counterpoint; thin metal shelves run along its lines, equipment is powder-coated white to fall into the background, and the street face opens with glass to the ceiling, casting the interior in vivid light such that the dynamic patterning becomes the predominant focus of the space.