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A High Rise Condo at Burnaby

4488 Juneau Street, Burnaby, BC

Bordeaux soars to a dizzying 23 floors in the air, a monument to its architect’s skill and vision. Bordeaux distinguishes itself from its neighbors with a unique mix of concrete and architectural glass features. Due to the building’s distinctive external characteristics, such as the stacked rhythm of columns running down its length and the angular concrete punch-out parts, Brentwood’s skyline has a rich and creative look of its own.

Homes in Bordeaux vary from multi-story townhouses to modern apartment units to opulent private collection suites that rise to dizzying heights above the rest of the city. Bordeaux, an architectural marvel at the entrance of bustling Brentwood, is destined to become an iconic landmark, showcasing the finest of global life.

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  • 2 Bed

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Bordeaux can be found in the South Burnaby neighborhood of downtown Burnaby, only a short drive from the city center. In addition to its fame as a shopping and entertainment hotspot, downtown Burnaby is home to some of the city’s most luxurious high-rise condo buildings.

Eglinton Crosstown LRT


Bordeaux, thanks to its central location, allows its residents to access different transportation options at the same time. Motorists can easily access British Columbia Highway 7 and Trans-Canada Highway. Residents can also use Brentwood Town Centre station which is only 2 minutes away from the condo.


Bordeaux has a lot to offer families and students at the same time. Schools like Brentwood Park Elementary School, Alpha Secondary School, Moscrop Secondary School and Rosser Elementary School are just a walk away from the condo.

St. Thomas Aquinas Regional Secondary School-min
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Downtown Burnaby is full of outdoor activities starting from beautiful beaches to lakes that surrounds Bordeaux. Burnaby Lake is just 10 minutes away, while the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area is 15 minutes drive away from the condo.

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Bordeaux’s architectural style is heavily influenced by the dramatic. The two-tone kitchen cabinetry, with its strikingly contrasted finishes, is the house’s center point. Elegant stainless steel European equipment and beautiful embellishments adorn this stunning kitchen. It’s guaranteed to wow. In most houses, the custom kitchen island has an extensible, handy dining table that can be put away neatly when not in use. The rich colours and natural tones of the warm, wood laminate flooring in the major living rooms lend a sense of flair. This home’s unique style is ideal for people who want a more avant-garde appearance without sacrificing on building or workmanship quality.

Bordeaux rooms convey extravagance and a feeling of luxury. Taking a look at the high-end Italian-made kitchen cabinets, which feature clean lines, high-end materials, and masterful craftsmanship. Every design element in the house contributes to the overall impression of a polished contemporary aesthetic. Practicality, utility, and a greater feeling of space are all hallmarks of well-designed floor plans. Eventually leading to a home that is the epitome of luxury while yet being livable.


Solterra Group of Companies specializes in developing and building top-quality high-rise residences and town homes. Over the past 18 years, the team at Solterra has been involved with the development of many award-winning multi-residential communities throughout the Lower Mainland. We understand the importance of a home and pride ourselves on creating residences that feature exceptional design, solid construction and quality finishes. With the emphasis on superior construction and stringent quality control, Solterra provides well-built and affordable homes for the discerning buyer. For your added peace of mind, our homes are backed by third party 2/5/10 warranty insurance.

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