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Brand New Music Venue, History, Will be open Soon in Toronto

      In partnership with Canadian Rapper & Artist Drake, Live Nation’s venue named History is expecting to be opening its door by the end of the year. Construction of this building is set to be complete at the end of this summer. This property located in 1663 Queen St E, in Toronto’s beaches neighbourhood is expected to hold around 200 events per year from concerts, live entertainments to galas.  The Venue includes a convertible general admission area as well as reserved seating configurations. The goal of History is to give major artists a more intimate, up close experience compared to the larger arenas that they typically perform at. The first show is expected to be held in October 22, 2021. 

      This is great news for the whole of downtown Toronto. This place is certain to become a new big attraction that will draw more people to Toronto. This also provides other venues for these big stars to come to Toronto rather than the Scotiabank Arena and the Rogers Center. As more reasons to go to Toronto are added; this will help improve spending within other local businesses in Toronto causing more investments being made later down the line. As Toronto becomes more desirable with improved infrastructure, condo and property prices will increase alongside that making for a great return on your investment.

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