Cloudflare & Wayfair Adding to Toronto Office Trend

     We’ve previously seen announcements for multiple big tech companies planting new offices and ramping up employment opportunities in downtown Toronto. This week two more giants join the trend with Cloudflare and Wayfair opening offices in Toronto. Wayfair is a well-known online furniture and home goods store directed towards consumers. Their main offices are located in Boston and Berlin; this Canadian office being their first in the country. Wayfair is set to hire 1,000 technologists for their offices this year. Cloudflare is one of the most well-known web infrastructure and web security companies on the planet. Many websites across the web rely on Cloudflare’s security to protect them from online threats that prevent them from operating. This Toronto office will be their sixteenth office, the first in Canada and will be in charge of operations revolving around growing Cloudflare’s brand awareness, support services and acquiring clients.


     These recent office openings are great for the employment sector of Toronto. Toronto is home to many talented workers and its shown with all the commitment that these companies are putting into the city. As employment opportunities rises, the demand for nearby homes will be as well. Toronto is home to many condos; both currently standing and ones that are in pre-construction. With this big tech employment trend continuing, it wouldn’t be surprising if the value of properties near these locations went up in price. Properties near booming employment hubs are always crazy valuable. No one want’s to commute from way up north if they had the chance to walk or take public transit for a very short distance to get to work. We’re likely to see more big tech companies situating offices in Toronto with this trend making it a great time to start checking out properties in this area.

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