Condo Culture Design

Since the beginning, we’ve been captivated by condos as places to live and invest in, and with the lifestyle they represent. In fact, when we made the decision to open our first Condo Culture location in 2013, we ourselves were condo buyers, sellers, dwellers, and investors.

At that time, condos were becoming a bigger and bigger part of the local real estate market, but experts who could provide the guidance and advice that was so critical for condo buyers and sellers didn’t exist. In everything from ownership type and building style to amenities, buyer types, and how to reach and connect with those buyers, condos are different from other types of real estate. To us, that meant dedicating ourselves to condos alone, and developing a tailored approach.

We’ve been on a mission to perfect the best way to buy and sell condos ever since, and, today, our systems for buying and selling condos are stronger than they’ve ever been.

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