Continue Watching This Tech Office Trend, Netflix Chooses Toronto for its new Office Location

     Following the news of many other tech giants, Netflix is planning on opening its first Canadian office in downtown Toronto. The goal of this office will help Netflix connect with local Canadian artists, brands and communities in one of the best settings across Canada. Currently, there is no announced location for this office or announcements of what roles they will be hiring other than an executive for content and an expected 10-15 employees. Mayor John Tory stated that Netflix spends $200 million a year in terms of their film and show shootings in Toronto. The hope is that this office will become their second-biggest office right after their main head office.

     This mass office opening trend in downtown Toronto does not seem to be slowing down. We’ve already touched on TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest and Cloudflare some of the companies opening offices or extending their hires. This trend is perfect for those in this field looking for employment, whether you are a fresh graduate or well experienced in the field. They offer many positions that fit different skills. For those already living in a property in the area, it is likely that the value will continue to rise as living close by is extremely desirable. Toronto will continue to grow its employment opportunities over these years and will become a more and more attractive place for people to seek residence in. The prices for these places will not decrease in the coming future. Those who have purchased pre construction units around the downtown core can expect a great return on their investment, selling to those who manage to get these well-respected roles in these giant companies.  

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