Daniels FirstHome Beckenrose 2

A townhouse at Brampton
Rising Hill Ridge, Brampton, ON

Brampton‘s expanding neighbourhood of Bram-west has swiftly become a favorite destination for young families. The majority of the residences and condominiums in the neighborhood are new construction, and commercial growth has been sluggish to catch up.

Beckonrose Townhomes Phase 2 are an economical alternative to single-family houses for purchasers looking for more privacy and space than a condo can offer. The Daniels Corporation, the same company that created One Cole Condos, is behind the project. It’s hardly surprise that these properties are in great demand, given the project’s strong developer.



Bram West has been promised a shopping center for a long time, but it has failed to materialize. Beckenrose Court Townhomes is near a Winners and a Dollorama, but homeowners will need to drive at least 20 minutes to reach a local commercial center. Because there is practically no nightlife in this region, it is ideal for people who want a slower pace of life.Families enjoy excellent schools within walking distance, as well as daycares, libraries, and sports grounds.
Residents can get the necessities of life close to home, but they will almost certainly require a car to travel about. Groceries may be purchased at Chalo FreshCo Mississauga Rd or from an independent store such as Apna Farm Halal Meat & Grocery. Several banks are also located on Mississauga Road, about a 15-minute walk from the property. Running errands in the neighborhood is reasonably straightforward by vehicle, but public transportation is limited. There are bus stations on Mississauga Road and Steeles Avenue West, however they do not serve many residential streets. Daniels FirstHome Beckenrose_amenities3 Driving is the most convenient mode of transportation in Bram West. Car owners may exit their private garages at 1 Beckenrose Crt and drive south on Mississauga Rd for 7 minutes to access the 401.
Daniels FirstHome Beckenrose_amenities2 Mississauga Rd is home to the neighborhood’s eateries and stores, including one-of-a-kind takeaway outlets like GRILL ‘n’ CHIK char-grilled & rotisserie and conventional fast food favorites like Pizza Pizza and Freshii. There are also well-known dine-in establishments like Kelsey’s Original Roadhouse and unusual restaurants like Red Chilli Hakka Chinese Cuisine.


Townhomes at 1 Beckenrose Crt can be single or multi-story. There are no tiny apartments here; even one-bedroom condos are around 650 square feet, and three-bedroom houses are just shy of 1500 square feet. Daniels FirstHome Beckenrose_amenities Because the complex was built in 2018, all units feature modern finishes. Kitchens are open to the living area and equipped with stainless steel equipment. Bedrooms were created with families in mind, with plenty of space for youngsters to play or share a room with a sibling. Each unit has a tiny private yard, a terrace, and a private entrance. Townhouse rows are divided by lovely green walkways lined with trees, seats, and playgrounds.


The Daniels Corporation is an award-winning development firm who has been internationally recognized for their work in creating socially-conscious communities for over 35 years. Daniels has built more than 30,000 award-winning homes and apartments, master-planned mixed-use communities, and commercial and retail spaces.

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Daniels FirstHome Beckenrose 2

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