DBS Development

For over 50 years, real estate has been our legacy. We aim to continue building homes that deliver exceptional quality and have positive impacts on communities, contributing to the growth of the Greater Toronto Area.

Beginning with Gonte Construction, David Salomon created a culture that has continued over three generations. DBS has continued with these development operations including project design, construction and customer care.

Born in Chmielnik, Poland in 1927, David was a holocaust survivor who immigrated to Toronto after the war looking to build a life for himself and his family. DBS carries forward his passion for development, work ethic, and focus on providing quality homes for residents.

Today, Toronto is among the world’s best cities, a status we are determined to help maintain for future generations. Toronto’s multicultural vibrancy is the result of contributions from entrepreneurs and immigrants like David.  We understand that to continue attracting the best and the brightest from around the world, we must supply quality homes for newcomers who like David, are looking for somewhere to live and contribute to this city.

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