Alliance United Corporation

Alliance United Corporation

Alliance United Corporation takes pleasure in working with the finest, having over 30 years of collective experience building low, mid, and high-rise real estate, as well as considerable retail and commercial expertise. From land surveyors to architects, interior designers, sales agents, and professional builders, each member of our team is carefully chosen to guarantee that our projects satisfy the expectations of even the most sophisticated buyers.
Alliance United is made up of highly experienced experts from every aspect of the real estate industry. With a proven track record of achievement, each member is dedicated to bringing to market initiatives that exhibit creative thinking and a commitment to quality.
Alliance United believes in the construction of better structures. All of their projects use cutting-edge green technology to provide the ultimate in luxury and comfort while drastically decreasing a building’s carbon footprint and overall running expenses. They worked with Trak International, for example, to incorporate the power of HVAC Smart Energy System (SES) with GeoExchange technology into The Residences of Bronte Lakeside.


This cutting-edge green technology harnesses the natural energy stored in the earth’s core. In layman’s terms, it gets heat from the ground in the cooler months and distributes it throughout the structure, and it removes heat from the building in the hot months to cool it and return it to the earth. Source: Alliance United Corporation

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