The New Elad has arrived. Almadev, founded in 1997, is a multibillion-dollar real estate development, investment, and asset management firm with best-in-class master-planned communities and mixed-use assets throughout Canada and the United States. Almadev has a strong track record of delivering large-scale, multi-phase development projects. They possess almost seven million square feet of industrial, commercial, and retail space with Agellan Commercial.
For over two decades, Almadev has shaped and improved communities through leadership and collaboration, with a focus on creating value and optimizing returns on their income-producing assets. They are strategic thinkers who cultivate long-term connections by taking the time to listen to their communities, interact with stakeholders, and engage specialists who share their vision for creating places that improve the urban landscape.
Almadev’s leadership extends beyond creative development projects to their commitment to building and maintaining strong relationships with their communities. The opportunity to give back through events, fundraisers, and other efforts are what contributes to their powerful sense of community. Almadev has been a proud sponsor and supporter of various charitable initiatives across Canada since 1997, and they want to continue having a good influence in the future.


Almadev creates master-planned communities and manages assets across many classes. They invest in a brighter future. They have faith in their progress. They are here to help create a future in which you want to live, work, and grow. Source: Almadev

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