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Ambria Homes is rapidly gaining recognition among Canadian homebuilders, driven by a developer with an extensive and illustrious background in the sector. Peter D’Ambrosio, the company’s president and chief executive officer, has put together a team of highly experienced and well-respected industry professionals. This team includes planners, leading architects, and interior designers, each of whom brings a unique set of skills and abilities to the building of exceptional communities.
The partners at the helm of Ambria Residences and its building arm, Index Construction, have a broad vision and strong leadership qualities. They are responsible for the development of nearly 4,500 low-rise and high-rise homes in a variety of successful new communities.
This seasoned management team at Ambria is dedicated to serving both homebuyers and homebuilding partners. The Ambria team is committed to product quality and rigorous adherence to deadlines and budgets in their operations. Ambria builds communities that put the hopes and needs of their residents first. They do this by using their knowledge, experience, and commitment to honesty and new ideas. Source: Ambria Homes


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