Amico Properties

Amico Properties

Amico Properties is a family-owned and operated Canadian construction and development company. In April 1986, Amico Properties was established. Amico Contracting & Engineering, Inc. was the company’s original name when its owner and president, Mr. Dominic Amicone, started it. Amico Properties has a reputation for providing clients with outstanding service and has done so for more than 25 years. through creating novel ideas and gaining a thorough understanding of the project’s goals.
An interprofessional group of experts makes up Amico Properties, Inc. put in place systems to facilitate and support a project management approach based on the needs of the customer as well as assembling a well-rounded team of experts. They develop successful projects by thoroughly identifying issues, comprehending the context of the community, and using creative, efficient design. The end outcome of this design process improves community quality of life and develops vibrant communities that will prosper for years to come. They are a group of professionals in project management, development approvals, research, and design.
At Amico, success is based on a collaborative culture that is underpinned by the following three guiding principles: partner for productivity, lead via empowerment and perceive obstacles as windows of opportunity. They choose their partners strategically, ensuring that their competencies, expectations, and values are in line. The objective is to forge linkages that, above and beyond individual viewpoints, are completely aligned with the project’s aims.


They view leadership as a function carried out not from the top but from the middle, and they believe that successful partnerships are built on empowerment. They know from experience that innovation only flourishes in environments where the culture is open to new and disruptive ideas. They find constructive, efficient, and helpful solutions to problems and disputes. Challenges are welcomed in Amico’s collaborative culture as the catalyst for innovation and the path to sustained leadership. Source: Amico Properties

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