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ATI Investments, one of Dubai’s premier financial holding firms, was founded in 2006 and has a strong interest in the people behind its businesses. At ATI Investments, they prioritize a proactive and decisive investing strategy. Their robust team of local and international business specialists is adept at discovering economic potential and transforming it into viable, expanding corporate units. They accept all possibilities and creativity. They analyze each possibility based on its merits and prospects for development. Their focus is on startups, although they invest in firms at all phases of their lifespan. Their objective is to inspire entrepreneurship, explore entrepreneurial ideas that alter sectors, and enable them to realize their full potential.
They are devoted to enabling the right relationships with the right companies, generating growth, good change, and significant social impact across a vast array of sectors. They represent the highest standards of corporate governance procedures. All of their commercial transactions are conducted with the greatest transparency and candor, allowing us to maintain the highest ethical and social responsibility standards. They accomplish their long-term objectives by investing in diversified and sustainable prospects and by concentrating on establishing productive connections with all of their partners.
They have genuine faith in the task they do and the possibilities they pursue. However, ATI’s development is driven mostly by the individuals that work there. They are devoted to giving back to their community by creating employment opportunities and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit across the area. Source: ATI Investment Ltd


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