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Brandy Lane Homes

Brandy Lane Homes is a fully integrated new home development and construction company, involved in all stages of planning and building their communities. Since 1986, they’ve been the catalyst behind groundbreaking communities across the Greater Toronto Area, from Whitby, Ajax, and Pickering to Richmond Hill, Toronto, Mississauga, and Oakville, and beyond to Collingwood and Waterloo. No two communities are the same, and they include a diverse range of building types, such as single-family homes, freehold townhomes, condominium townhouses, and mid- and high-rise condominium developments. Despite their differences, they are all fundamentally alike; in each case, they demonstrated the ability to transform underutilized areas into exciting new urban and people-centric neighbourhoods.
Among the projects that illustrate their company’s unique talent for reinvigorating old neighbourhoods with new urban life is Loggia on The Queensway, The Annex in midtown Toronto, Liberty Walk in North York, and most recently, The Station at Wilson Avenue and The Allen Expressway. Where others saw problems, they saw possibilities. The result has been beautifully designed homes in well-planned communities at surprisingly affordable prices. With every community they build, they work to make homeownership more rewarding and economical for each of their homeowners.
They see every new home community as an opportunity to create more than a tower or tract of homes. They recognize and embrace the fact that their neighbourhoods have a snowball effect on future homeowners’ lives and are the impetus for ongoing growth in an area. They create plans that allow for the growth of their city and its communities. The key to their success is understanding how changing demographics and homeowner needs affect what they do and responding accordingly. At Brandy Lane Homes, their team is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to make their homes and communities unique. Every step of the way, they keep their clients’ best interests in mind to ensure that they are truly responsive to their needs and expectations. Their focus on product innovation and client service has earned their company an enviable reputation as one of Canada’s preeminent integrated development and construction companies.


Brandy Lane prides itself on its cohesive and experienced management team, which covers an array of disciplines. With this expertise, they’re able to approach every community they design and build with effective and efficient processes that have made their company a recognized industry leader. Their Board of Directors and ongoing strategic partnerships are also important parts of their innovation and strength. Source: Brandy Lane Homes

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