Bremont Homes

Bremont Homes

Bremont Homes is a Southern Ontario-based real estate developer with over 40 years of experience. This award-winning team specializes in the development of small-to-medium-sized master-planned communities. Their mission is to become Southern Ontario’s leading house builder by emphasizing customer service and, as a result, designing homes that fit their clients’ lifestyles. The success of their homebuyers is their primary focus.
Rather than constructing high-rise buildings, this developer has created some of Southern Ontario’s most attractive and well-maintained modest and mid-sized complexes. Its mission is to become Southern Ontario’s mid-sized builder with the most remarkable in-depth understanding and personal connection to its homebuyers’ expectations and needs.
Their commitment to customer service is represented in their Bremont philosophy, The Seven Commitments. Their first objective is to prioritize the buyer. They give a “New Homebuyer’s Guide,” which outlines what purchasers should expect during the various phases of the buying process. It details everything from the date of purchase until after you’ve moved in. Aside from that, they value mutual respect among their employees, eco-friendly homes; maintaining control of the construction process; organizing a highly effective and fast-paced team; niche communities where residents feel like they’re part of a neighbourhood; and working together for the company’s fiscal health.


They also use a hands-on approach to design and construction to ensure that consumers get precisely what they want. They recognize that purchasing a house is one of the most important decisions you will ever make and one of the most costly investments you will ever make. This is why Bremont Homes place great value on ensuring everything is in order and your new house fits your lifestyle. They do this by hiring a designer to come to your home. They are responsible for pointing you in the proper direction, but everything is ultimately up to you. Source: Bremont Homes

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