Briarwood Development Group

Briarwood Development Group

Briarwood Development Group is one of the most well-known name in the real estate development industry. By developing distinctive and sustainable residential homes, they are a forward-thinking company. In Canada, the company has been around for more than 28 years. The CEO, Enzo Di Giovanni, claims that when his family came to Canada from Italy more than 60 years ago, they brought with them hand-crafted construction methods, which today explain the creativity they apply in their homes. His family has used the same skills and methods to build homes today that they have been using for centuries.
The selection of locations for Briarwood’s development starts with consideration of how well the built and natural surroundings blend. After deciding on a location, a suitable building style is picked. The development of public areas that welcome pedestrians is highlighted. In particular, recreational areas are intended to act as hubs for the neighbourhood.
The firm also makes an effort to make sure that building is done in an environmentally friendly way. We build each house with sustainability in mind. Staff from Briarwood are available to assist with any development-related requirements that may emerge during the whole development process. The firm takes pleasure in providing houses that are tailored to the needs of the purchasers, and their years of expertise enable them to do it in a unique and imaginative way.


Large living areas and open floor plans are features of their luxurious residences. Furthermore, they are affordable and a good investment. Families, individuals, couples, and retirees may all live comfortably in their own houses with all the conveniences they want in a friendly neighbourhood. With a dedication to creating better homes and futures, Briarwood takes pride in being a leader in its field. Source: Briarwood Development Group

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