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Donato Broccolini established Broccolini in 1949 when he built a single-family home in Montreal. Since the beginning of his career, Donato has always highlighted the need of honesty, integrity, persistence, and an entrepreneurial spirit. But among the most significant principles by which he lived were the need of developing long-lasting relationships – with customers and employees alike – and a self-assured delight in doing work of extraordinary quality.
Over the years, these values supported him in winning the trust and confidence of his clients, and the business quickly expanded from smaller, more modest constructions to projects and initiatives that paved the way for future growth, creating the framework for the company as it exists today.
The company’s focus shifted from residential to industrial and commercial construction around the end of the 1970s. In the 1980s, Donato sought the help of his three sons, John, Joseph, and Paul, to run the business. Together, the Broccolinis directed the company’ development into new markets and the building of luxury retail locations, manufacturing facilities, and industrial complexes across Quebec.


Along the way, Broccolini entered the real estate market by purchasing land in strategic areas, which later served as the sites for a number of the company’s most notable projects. Currently, three generations of the Broccolini family supervise the company’s growth throughout Quebec, Ontario, and across Canada. They are backed by a team of over 500 dedicated employees with expertise in several sectors, including engineering, design, real estate, development, and, of course, construction. Source: Broccolini

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