Build Toronto

Build Toronto

Build Toronto, established in 2010, is an independent and self-funding real estate and development corporation that optimizes the value of underused real estate previously held by the City of Toronto, with specialties in real estate development, commercial, industrial, and residential. The corporation focuses on both accomplishing its city-building strategic priorities and delivering a suitable net financial return for the city.
Build Toronto reports to a professional Board of Directors and functions to develop surplus and underutilized city property to attract commercial development, generate attractive employment, and enhance the City’s liabilities.
Its vision is to develop surplus and underutilized city property to encourage commercial development, generate desired employment, and improve the livability of the city.


Its mission is to be a catalyst for sustainable development, to operate in an economically successful way, and to consistently serve the City Council, city departments, the development community, and Toronto residents. Source: Build Toronto

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