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Caivan Communities is a firm that designs. Their sales staff will present alternatives for structural design modifications and exterior house finishes. Caivan 360 is their unrelenting dedication to building each home to a higher quality. Their multidisciplinary team of specialists is available to assist you in every aspect of the home-buying process. They are dedicated to providing high-quality finishes, construction that can’t be beat, and a personalized approach. The staff at Caivan is honored to assist its customers in realizing their home-related desires. Every member of their staff is devoted to providing quality and an amazing client experience at every stage of the homeownership process.
Caivan is dedicated to leading the industry in land use efficiency, conservation, and trash reduction. Their team’s commitment to reducing their environmental impact is ingrained in all they do. Their development is facilitated by ABIC (Advanced Building Innovation Company), which uses generative design to reduce resource waste and adopt an energy-efficient approach throughout the whole building process. To make sure that their communities have a small impact on the environment, they use comprehensive trash diversion and reduction strategies and design all of their neighborhoods with sustainable community design principles.


Caivan 360 is their ongoing dedication to building homes to better standards. Their team strives to set the benchmark for standard features and home performance by continuously reimagining what is possible in new houses. They are always seeking input and attempting to expand the possibilities of a new house. Their industry-leading Caivan Quality Assurance program consists of a 10,000-point home inspection, unmatched levels of day-to-day construction supervision, and a dedicated, independent Quality Assurance Department that ensures every Caivan home meets their stringent performance guidelines and construction standards. They have a keen eye for every detail and take delight in delivering quality houses. Caivan continuously offers Better Built Homes with the help of ABIC (Advanced Building Innovation Company). In all aspects of community planning and homebuilding, we use manufacturing, continuous improvement techniques, automation, cutting-edge software, and the best building science in the business. Source: Caivan Communities

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6295 Perth Street

The Conservancy

Fox Run

Lakeview Village

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