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Caliber Homes

Caliber Homes is a company made up of carefully chosen specialists that are dedicated to becoming the best at what they do rather than the biggest. Building communities in gorgeous surroundings where luxury meets convenience and neighbours become lifelong friends is the company’s mission. Caliber Homes is present in every last finishing touch, in the context that defines the home’s place in the neighbourhood, and in the communities that those areas foster.
For every house they built, they marvelled at more than two decades of experience as the cornerstone of every new home. It is based on a history of taking delight in all they do, from their ground-breaking new designs to the superb craftsmanship and elegant style that go into each home. Every house they construct is given the same care as their own. They have an unwavering commitment to excellence, and it is evident to homebuyers in numerous neighbourhoods and residences.
Caliber Homes consistently opts for steadfast dedication to quality and client satisfaction. They take delight in building houses that are both lovely to look at and cozy to live in. Every home created by Caliber Homes combines premium materials with exquisite design, where every little detail is painstakingly crafted and every upgrade you choose is effortlessly added to create a personalized home that is exclusively for their clients. Their ultimate objective is for purchasers to settle into a house that was constructed to the highest standards.


The Building Industry and Land Development Association’s “Best Model Home” award was given to Caliber Home for Kleinburg Crown Estates, making it an accomplished builder. They are incredibly honoured and thrilled to have received this recognition for their unwavering commitment to producing award-winning residences that every family can enjoy for many years to come. The ultimate goal of Caliber Homes is for homebuyers to move into a house that was built to the highest standards and has all the modern amenities they need. Source: Caliber Homes

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